We are a family operation that has been in the cattle business since the 1930’s.

We are located half way between Buffalo and Rochester and our town is right on the Erie Canal. We are also only 45 minutes away from Niagara Falls.

Registered Herefords

We believe in the cattle we produce and stand behind them. We also try to accumulate as much accurate and relevant data as we can. Not only to help us breed better cattle, but to give our customers even more confidence in investing in our genetics.

Commercial Cattle

All our registered and commercial heifers are developed together in large groups on a cost effective ration designed to grow them sensibly. We allow for the competition of the large group and the conservative ration to weed out any genetics that wouldn’t gain and be fertile.

Beef For Sale

Our beef is raised naturally here in
Orleans County, NY. All cattle raised
for beef are source verified from our
farm. Our name is on the label.